Kitchen Makeover / by Milena Zapateiro

The kitchen is the epicenter of the home. Besides its use for cooking meals, the kitchen has become the place for family meetings, homework headquarters, pay-the-bills station, the kids art museum showcase and where all your friends gather no matter how hard you try to haul them to the living room. Furthermore, the kitchen is the most important investment a homeowner can make, as it directly impacts the resale value of the home. In the event that a full gut renovation of your kitchen is not your plan of action, small upgrades can go a long way. 

In this kitchen for instance, cabinets and counters needed an upgrade but we wanted to preserve them. Also, the need for functional storage was a concern.

Our solution: Bright white! The cabinets were revived with bright white paint and new hardware. Counters and backsplash were replaced with marble giving it a fresher look and the overhead storage added keeps the clean look of the kitchen. Check out the before and after pictures below. 

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